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Náhrdelník Phiten X100 Mirror Ball Barva: černá, Velikost: 45 cm

Náhrdelník Phiten X100 Mirror Ball v černé barvě a velikosti 45 cm. Tento klenot je nejen krásným doplňkem, ale také nabízí účinnou podporu pro vaše tělo díky technologii Phiten X100. Objednejte si ho ještě dnes a získejte dokonalý styl i zdraví!
Náhrdelník Phiten X100 Mirror Ball Barva:
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Značka: Phiten
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  • Employing the cord „X100“, which permeates AQUA TITANIUM in 100 times higher than standard concentration.
  • Spherical pure titanium polished by „mirror-like finishing“ is adopted on clasp. Phiten logo is laser-engraved.
  • Magnet clasp easy to put on/off.


X100 MIRROR BALL Necklace


Technology and Material

  • Clasp: Spherical made of pure Titanium (closure pin: stainless steel)
  • Magnet part: Neodymium
  • Cord (outer fabric): Polyester permeated with AQUA TITANIUM X100
  • Cord (inner fabric): Elastomer with MICRO TITANIUM BALL


X100 MIRROR BALL Necklace Details


  • Délky: 40 cm a 45 cm
  • Velikost kuličky: průměr 10 mm
  • Síla řemínku: 2 mm





Silver  Black-Gold  Earth-Color



The X100 MIRROR BALL Necklace comes in a high-quality zippered case.



Safety note

This necklace has a safety lock that can be opened if too much drag. When taking on and off hold the cap with your fingers carefully. Closure can become very hot in extreme heat (do not wear in the sauna).


Special safety note

Persons carrying electronic implants or medical devices such as hear pacemaker which could be affected by electromagnetic interference and magnetic influences, can not use the product, as it may cause a malfunction in these devices. Please consult your doctor before using the product.


Instructions for care

Clean only with a little soap and warm water. Do not dry clean.